Open-air bath

The Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Spa interests not only the sick people. In summer times the open air pools are the winners. The 30 hectare land open its gates from 1st of May – to 30th of September.

Thousands of visitors refresh theirselves in 13 pools, like billow, bubble bath pool, children’s pool and other attraction pools. In May and in September we have less then 13 pools filled with water, depending on the number of our visitors.

In 2002 – with the scope of the Széchenyi Project – the open air bath’s infrastructure had been totally increased, because new water rotated and filtered pools had been started to work on European standards.

But the great sensation is the mediterranian beach, with its more than 6000 m2 water surface, so it’s Middle Europe’s biggest pool. The giant pool deepens step by step, and the water is rippling a little. In the middle of it there is a pirate and there’s a lighthouse on the sandy beach with palm trees.

In 2005 we have established several new developments. A new sun shade have been built over the thermal whirlpool against the heavy radiation. A huge whale tail peeks from the huge pool of the mediterranean seashore.

In the children’s pools attractive animal figures have been established: in the paddling pool smiling seals and turtles, in the children’s pool the hippos became favourites among those guests who love taking photos.

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Hajdúszoboszló, Szurmai u. 31, 4200 Magyarország